Weight Loss and Self Esteem

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People with higher self esteem generally consider themselves worthwhile regardless of what they look like. However, those of us with low self esteem typically judge ourselves all the time and that too based on external factors such as how we look and how much we weigh. It has been observed that people with lower self esteem have a tougher time achieving their weight loss gains. Lets us take a closer look at the relationship between weight loss and self esteem.


How Self Esteem Impacts Weight Loss

With respect to fitness and weight loss, self esteem can be the deciding factor between failure and success.


  • Generally, the way one tends to behave depends on how they judge themselves. If a person considers himself or herself a failure, then that person will inevitably behave in ways that lead to failure. This is how the brain works.


  • People who have higher self esteem tend to reward and praise themselves even for small achievements. These frequent rewards for small achievements are what lead to success. On the other hand, those with lower self esteem tend to be focused on reprimanding and punishing rather than on rewards. They might even feel that they are not worthy of rewards. This has a direct impact on weight loss goals.


  • If you have high self esteem, you do not tend to be bogged down by your own mistakes. You accept it and move on. When such people realize that they have gained some weight or they are not eating right, instead of putting themselves down, they make a note of the situation and strive to achieve their goals. If you have low self esteem, you may tend to remain preoccupied with mistakes, instead of doing something positive about it. Such people often quit weight loss programs.


People with higher self esteem tend to think and talk more positively. And feeling positive about your weight loss goals and efforts will definitely take you closer to the figure you wish to achieve.


Weight Loss Success by Improving Self Esteem

Improving your self esteem can help you achieve weigh loss success.


  • Try to evaluate your behavior in terms of the frequency of exercise and the food you eat. However, do not judge your self worth based on this. If your behavior is not up to the mark, find out ways to improve and move on.
  • Be open to the idea of getting help for improving self esteem. If someone has been putting himself down for long, it will not be that easy to achieve self acceptance.

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Weight Loss and Self Esteem

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This article was published on 2011/01/07