The Reasons Why Women Have Low Self-esteem

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Low self-esteem refers to the mental state of self-denial and self-rejection that caused by the inappropriate self-evaluation and self-awareness. Generally speaking, women are more concerning about their self-image, and they have a strong desire for beauty. Their longing for beauty would also lead to low self-esteem; this doesn't mean that they are inferior to others objectively, they subjectively consider themselves are not good enough.

Compared with men, women are more susceptible to have low self-esteem, for they especially concern about their physical condition, such as, appearance, shape and height. If there are some flaws, some girls would think people dont like them and feel inferior to other girls. For example, some women have low self-esteem just because of her obesity and lock themselves and see things with a pessimistic view and make low self-evaluation. The gem of cosmetics and fashion clothes other girls wear would make those self-belittling people has a great envy. If things go on, it would affect our life and work even our marriage.

In fact, once you master the right adjustment of inferiority and persist on it, ultimately we can get out from the low self-esteem. Then, which means can help us to adjust ourselves?

The way for girls to change the view of inferiority should begin with the self-understanding. Girls should make a correct self-understanding and enhance self-evaluation. Thus, we should be good at finding the merits of ourselves.

Besides, to overcome inferiority, we should make a right attitude toward our shortcomings. To those shortcomings that can be improved, such as, laziness, weak willpower and bad life style and habits, we should make acknowledgement of it and make a plan to correct them. For those unconquerable shortcomings, such as, short and small stature, poor looks and some physical handicap, on one hand, we should accept the fact and on the other hand, we should try to make up by other advantages.

Establish appropriate goals. The goals we make would affect our philosophy and sense of worth. Every girl has her dream, so make clear your goal and spend time to strive for your goal, and then you won't be trapped in inferiority for your shortcomings.

Experience the joy of success. Rodin has said, life doesnt' lack beauty, but the eyes to discover it. Therefore, girls who have low self-esteem should make a chance to experience success. Once you feeling the pleasant feeling that success brings to you, your confidence would also break out, and naturally you would forget your shortcomings.
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The Reasons Why Women Have Low Self-esteem

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This article was published on 2010/12/12