The Psychology of High Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden

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Self esteem is a crucial part of your being which not only impacts your interactions with others but also has a bearing on your view of the world and yourself. While there is no dearth of self help books on self esteem, few follow the systematic approach taken by author Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D in his book "The Psychology of High SelfEsteem". With several books under his belt in the category acclaimed psychotherapist Nathaniel Branden Ph.D is no stranger to offering relevant advice on how to build self esteem. Apart from "The Psychology of High SelfEsteem", some of his other well received works include "The Six Pillars of SelfEsteem" and "The Power of Self Esteem" among several other titles.

"The Psychology of High SelfEsteem" is available as a complete self help package with 7 Cds and a workbook designed to bring about personal growth by helping you work on a core element of your personality, your self esteem.

People who have been through the course cannot stop raving about its results and most hail it as a revolutionary program that changed their lives. The principle that this book centers around is the same as the fundamental value brought out in other works by the author; the importance of your self esteem and how you feel about yourself. Your perception about yourself and your self image will impact every aspect of your life personal as well as professional. What you think about yourself will often play a vital role in how high you manage to climb on the ladder of social as well as professional success. So, the author rightly puts forth his argument that self esteem is the key to your failure or success in life.

That being said, Nathaniel Branden incorporates some powerful techniques which work at the mental and physical level to bring about a change in your perception of yourself. The impressive audio program incorporates several strategies that help you to gradually build your self esteem and self worth; these techniques have been tried by the author thousands of times in his career as a psychotherapist, spanning over 30 years.

The audio program delves into minute aspects of your being and uses specific exercises that bring about a behavioral change and helps you to work on personality traits and attitudes that raise self esteem.

The Psychology of High SelfEsteem is jam packed with information on how to get rid of various negative thought patterns that bring down your self worth and your confidence. The program will help you to:

* Discover joy in being who you are while striving to achieve more.
* Use a unique four step process to get rid of guilt that mars your happiness and confidence.
* Get information about yourself that is often beyond the scope of consciousness.
* Learn to form relationships that are nurturing and nourishing.
* Imbibe the crucial concepts of self confidence and self respect in your life.
* Get out of the rigid bounds of rituals and traditions and be more innovative and creative in your work.
* Enhance your spiritual well being and your creativity.

The program is a must buy for anybody who has ever went through a self berating session over a trivial mistake or even those who cannot seem to get out of their shell because they have the nagging feeling of being inadequate in some sense. On a final note, it is worth remembering that the world sees you the way you see yourself, so you cannot possibly expect to garner adulation and respect unless you feel those emotions in your own aspect.

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The Psychology of High Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden

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This article was published on 2010/12/15